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Sunrise Petroleum FZC
1302, Building No. 1271
Shanghai (China)




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Sunrise Petroleum FZC
H-01A, Hamriya Free Zone
Sharjah (UAE)


+971 6 5262873


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Our Vision

Core Values

The world will face increasingly tough challenges: rising energy demand, tightening energy supplies, the growing impact of climate change, and intensified economic volatility. Companies and governments are developing new ways of looking into the future to decide how to meet people’s energy needs, while preserving the health of the planet. We routinely monitor the factors that influence business prospects and take future predicting , developing detailed visions of the future for society, the environment and the energy industry.

We are committed to provide quality products and services to our business partners and customers, while ensuring that the products and services we provide are delivered in an efficient and cost effective manner.

We pride ourselves as the acknowledged partner of choice for our principals, customers, business partners, and all our internal and external stakeholders.

Integrity - We expect our employees to be honest in all their transaction and demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles. Integrity must be the foundation on which coworkers must build relationships and trust, and this would be one of the most fundamental principle taken into consideration in the employees that we hire.

Openness - Sunrise believes in creating and maintaining the environment of openness. We want to be straight forwards and kind at the same time. With Humility we want to ensure that everyone's voice is heard and understood well which ultimately enhance collaboration.

Personal excellence - We are tirelessly striving for excellence - to become the best possible version of who we are at our core. We constantly raise the bar of our own standards as an individual to become more and achieve more as a team.

Constructive self-criticism - We constantly critic ourselves as individual to push to the next level. Even if it involves disturbing our comfort zone. Continuous Development & Growth is personal responsibility of every Sunrise employee.

Mutual Respect - We believe in treating everyone with respect and consideration, creating a culture where everyone feel valued is of prime importance to us.

  • The Company

    Sunrise Petroleum FZC - a leading provider of petroleum & petro-chemical products - would like to introduce itself.

  • Our Products

    The company specializes in sourcing, production & trading of Base Oil, Bitumen, Gas Oil & Fuel Oil products.

  • Our Partners

    We have an extensive partner network to ensure delivery of products & services in a Efficient and cost effective manner

  • Our Customers

    Sunrise Petroleum has established its customer footprint across India, China, Far-East Asia, Middle-East, Africa and Australia.