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China Address


Sunrise Petroleum FZC
1302, Building No. 1271
Shanghai (China)




UAE Address

Corporate Headquarter

Sunrise Petroleum FZC
H-01A, Hamriya Free Zone
Sharjah (UAE)


+971 6 5262873


Contact Numbers







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  • The Company

    Sunrise Petroleum FZC - a leading provider of petroleum & petro-chemical products - would like to introduce itself.

  • Our Products

    The company specializes in sourcing, production & trading of Base Oil, Bitumen, Gas Oil & Fuel Oil products.

  • Our Partners

    We have an extensive partner network to ensure delivery of products & services in a timely & cost-effective manner.

  • Our Customers

    Sunrise Petroleum has established its customer footprint across India, China, Far-East Asia, Middle-East & Africa.

  • From the CEO's Desk

    The heart and core of Sunrise Petroleum is to supply commo-dities to its customers at the most competitive prices and the best of quality standards. At Sunrise, it is our prerogative that the company is adaptive to the changing needs of the market and compliant to global regulatory standards.